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By Angela Gardner, Oct 2022

As we learned in Part 1, the structure of your business will impact the taxes that are owed. On top of that, business taxes are quite different from personal taxes and follow a more diligent payment schedule. This article provides an overview of the various tax categories that your business may owe and their due dates to help you stay on track with tax deadlines.

Begin planning and preparing for taxes on day 1 of your business to avoid trouble with the IRS. Get started by viewing this informative guide from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, Starting a New Business in Arkansas.


By Angela Gardner, Oct 2022

Managing taxes, easy right? As a business owner, taxes can become a wholly different maze when compared to personal taxes. The type of entity that you structure for your company, as well as the hiring of employees, will affect the paperwork you need to file and the type of taxes owed. Before you accelerate the day-to-day operations of your business, take a few moments to contemplate the unique tax entity being created by your business.