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By Kam Gomez - March 2023

The Employee Retention Act (ERC or ERTC) is a tax credit benefit from the Covid-19 relief bill the CARES act. In total, the credit could be worth up to $26,500 per employee that worked between March 2020 – December 2021. That could be financially vital for small and medium-sized businesses. 


By Kam Gomez - March 2023

I am a bit of a road runner serving the Southwestern corner of the state meeting business owners from all spectrums of life. The consistent theme I am uncovering is that most business owners that I have met, didn’t start out with a plan. So, when adversity happens, they are blindsided, and they don’t know how they should respond. Other negative results that come from not having a plan are loss of strategic direction, poor resource management, and ultimately business closure. We in the small business support ecosystem do not want to see any of these things happen.