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Lux + Soul

Lakeisha Sharpley’s life as a small business owner and entrepreneur began shortly after experiencing a career in dance working alongside local dance instructor, Michael Tisdale.

Lux SoulInspired through her work with him, in 2006, Sharpley opened her first dance studio with 20 young dancers. In 2008, amid national economic downturn, enrollment diminished, and in 2009 the studio, Sharpley’s dream, folded. Undeterred, Sharpley began working as a dance instructor in the Little Rock School District, an effort that faltered during the pandemic with school closed.

During this time, Sharpley developed her interest and skills in candle making, opening her business Lux + Soul. Being a part of the Rock It! Lab community helped Sharpley gain confidence and learn to lean into the village of fellow entrepreneurs who were all moving to the same rhythm down a path leading to freedom--mental and financial--all who now understand, with guidance from the Rock It! Lab team, that sustained excellence is within reach. Sharpley is a part of a rising generation of underestimated and determined entrepreneurs who finally heard the call that their time has come.