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Pinturas Helguera LLC

Isaac Helguera grew up in a family of artisans in Olinalá, Gro México. His father was a painter who taught him the craft from an early age. Although his academic career ended in the 6th grade, Isaac continued to hone his talent and skillset.

Isaac HelgueraAt the age of 20, Isaac migrated to the United States, and found himself pursuing new opportunities in Chicago. He worked in construction and other fields, leaving painting completely aside. Still, he dreamed that his paintings would be acquired by people and admired in public places.

In 2018, Isaac moved to Arkansas for a construction job, but suffered an accident and had to stop working. Through this situation, he became connected with support systems and seized a new opportunity to pursue his passion for art. His first exhibitions were held in a local café and the Argenta Art Gallery in North Little Rock. Since then, Isaac’s work has been exhibited in museums and universities throughout the state and beyond, with shows ranging from Northwest Arkansas and Hot Springs to Illinois and California.

Isaac was first introduced to the Arkansas Business Navigator program through a class taught by Business Consultant Tania Martinez in May 2022. With assistance from ABN, Isaac was able to realize his goal of establishing his very own art gallery: Pinturas Helguera opened its doors in Conway last September.

ABN assisted Isaac with business plan development, budget planning, financial projections, commercialization, and marketing strategies.

Now, Pinturas Helguera stands as a platform to not only exhibit Isaac’s work, but to support new generations of Hispanic painters as well as artists from all backgrounds.

“I want to thank the support and help of Tania Martinez, and Arkansas Business Navigator,” he said. “They are a fundamental part of help for my Pinturas Helguera projects.”