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Pristine by Ali

Originally from Morelos, México, Ali Alcaraz-Miranda moved to Little Rock in 2002 alongside her husband and son. Due to her husband's work, they moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2007. After experiencing layoffs in 2012, Ali and her husband began cleaning houses. 

They started working independently, not intending to form a cleaning company. Her way of seeing entrepreneurship changed when she met Tania Martínez from ArkanAli Alcarazsas Business Navigator. Before, Ali never expected to have access to the resources and tools necessary for launching a business.

ABN helped Ali realize that it is not impossible to create and register a new business, and helped her take the next step for Pristine By Ali Cleaning Services Residential & Commercial, LLC. 

"Tania has been a key person for my cleaning company to be running," Ali said. "She has given me a lot of advice from the beginning. She gave me suggestions on how to find the name of my company, the different procedures I had to do with the State of Arkansas, the city where the business would be registered, and also how to request an EIN number with the IRS."

Martínez was able to guide Ali on her business journey from the pre-venture stage to the company's current strategic expansion.

"Tania is very patient with me," she said. "We had several meetings and she answered all my questions. She gave me very precise suggestions to start my business. But not only that, it has given me tools I need for my company to function properly, marketing strategies, and advice on finanical projections, and channeled me to other entities to find legal assistance. In addition, with her help, I was able to define the mission, vision, and values that govern my company."

Ali is very excited and proud to have launched her company. Now that their clients know that they are a formally established business, they hve recieved congratulations and renewed support. "I think our labor and commercial relations have been strengthened more, as a registered and insured business, our clients feel more protected and secure because we provide them with quality services and work, and that results in satisfied and lasting clients," she said. 

Going forward, Pristine by Ali's goal is to keep growing as a compnay and be ablle to provide its services to more clients, including the entire state of Arkansas. 

Ali highly recommends all entrepreneurs to seek a reputable mentor for the guidance they need elevate past notions that starting a business is impossible. "Go to reliable insitutions like Arkansas Business Navigator that are prepared to give you the best advice and tools to start your business. In addition to being a wonderful organization, their consultations are free. Do not wait any longer and go to them."