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The Saddle Shop

Kayla Lott purchased an existing equine and tack supply store in Ash Flat, AR the fall of 2022, and she wanted to differentiate her business from the previous owner. As a new business owner, Kayla had a vision for what she wanted to accomplish but needed help with some topics.

Kayla learned about the Arkansas Business Navigator program through a flyer about a workshop at Ozarka College and reached out to Brandon L. Mathews, Program Associate - Economic Development, a Spoke and consultant of Arkansas Business Navigator. After meeting with Brandon, Kayla expressed that she needed assistance developing a budget and looking at opportunities to bring in new inventory. Brandon helped Kayla create historical finances for the business and used those financials to create a budget and cash flow projection for Kayla to follow. In addition to establishing a budget, Kayla received some market research data to help her define her market and find opportunities to expand the business’ offerings and better market her business and services. Through additional meetings and feedback, Kayla decided to rename the business “The Saddle Shop,” added new product offerings, and is looking forward to unveiling her new marketing materials soon.

"Brandon has made this whole process very seamless and easy for me. Running a small business and equine rescue, I"m constantly moving and hard to pin down for meetings. Brandon adapted to what method of communication was best for me at each given time- whether it was a phone call, zoom meeting, email, etc. He took the time to learn about my situation and where my struggles were running my business. From there, he was able to give me tools and walked me through how to utilize them to make my situation better. We eventually found something that works great for me that I still use and plan to use in the future. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome!" - Kayla Lott, Owner of The Saddle Shop

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