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By Tania Martinez Chavez, September 2022

El mes de septiembre es una época especial para todos los mexicanos. En conmemoración al grito de Dolores, grito de Independencia dado por el cura Miguel Hidalgo el 15 de septiembre con fecha oficial del 16 de septiembre de 1810, la cual marca la celebración de la liberación de España.
Cabe mencionar que el 16 de septiembre es en México la fecha con mayor celebración, inclusive más aún que el 5 de mayo. Comencemos a hacer mención de esta fecha en Estados Unidos y en el mundo como se merece.

The month of September is a special time for all Mexican people. In commemoration of the cry of Dolores, the cry of Independence was given by the priest Miguel Hidalgo on September 15th officially recognized on September 16th, 1810, which marks the celebration of the liberation from Spain.
It is worth mentioning that September 16th is the date with the greatest celebration in Mexico, even more so than May 5th. Let's begin to mention this date in the United States and in the world as it deserves.

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By Adriana Fuentes Archila, Sept 2022

Trabajadores, independientes, luchadores, sobresalientes, son algunas de las características que nos representan a los latinos. No importando que bandera representemos, nuestras ganas de sobresalir y tener un mejor futuro  para nosotros y nuestra familia, es una característica que todos compartimos. Es por eso que queremos honrar nuestro mes de Septiembre y recordarles a nuestra comunidad Hispana los diferentes servicios gratuitos y eventos que el Arkansas Business Navigator ofrece. 

Hardworking, independent, fighters, and overachievers are some of the characteristics that represent us as Latinos. No matter what flag we represent, our desire to stand out and have a better future for ourselves and our family is a characteristic that we all share. That's why we want to honor the month of September and remind our Hispanic community of the different services and events the Arkansas Business Navigator offers.

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By Kamelle Gomez, August 2022

Bankable strategies to help avoid common missteps during the loan origination process.

In my past life, I was a mortgage loan officer working with people seeking residential loans. As I settled into this role, I learned that commercial and small business loans work similarly. While reviewing a potential borrower’s tax returns, I often experienced three frustrating hangups....

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By Angela Gardner, July 2022

The (financial) reality of starting a business.

According to the Milken Institute, only 57% of American adults are financially literate. One of the biggest reasons for this number is the lack of financial education classes offered in K-12 schooling. But it’s not too late to learn about money, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

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