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Starting or running a small business can be a lonely road. Let us help.

The Arkansas Business Navigator program helps small businesses and entrepreneurs start, grow, or reimagine their businesses.

Need help launching your dream?

We can help! The process of starting and planning a small business can seem overwhelming. No worries, we have a team of experts to guide you through the entire process. From business planning, loan proposals, licensing, permits, and tax requirements to site selection and market research, the Arkansas Business Navigator program is ready to help you realize your dreams!

Ready to take your business to the next level?

We have experts on staff to assist small business owners with all aspects of successfully operating a small business. Our highly experienced consultants can assist with access to capital, helps business owners design growth strategies, analyze domestic and international markets, obtain government contracts, develop competitive analysis, as well as provide other services that allow businesses to identify and capitalize on their competitive advantages.

From consulting on human resources issues to ensuring that business owners are using the most productive processes and procedures, you’ll have access to experts that can advise business owners to help them streamline operations and assist in decisions that impact the overall management and operation of the business.

Resources and Information

Starting a Business
License, Permit, & Tax Requirements Ebook
SBA Business Guide - Launching Your Business

Business Planning
ASBTDC Business Planning Tools
SBA Business Guide - Market Research & Competitive Analysis 

Small Business Helpline

The small business helpline is the first call. A representative will learn more about your business and identify the appropriate resource(s) to help you reach your small business goals.

Call us at 800-862-2040 to get started.